Valley Mock Trial at Yale
Valley Mock Trial at Yale
Posted on 10/06/2016

A team of seven Valley Mock Trial team members participated in the Yale Bulldog Mock Trial program at Yale on Saturday and Sunday, October 1st and 2nd.  Students were able to meet with Yale mock trial members through a dynamic workshop series.  Teams learned the best procedures for openings, closings, direct questioning, cross examination, objections, attorney procedures, rules of evidence, and witness preparation and presentation.  Teams from Florida to Texas attended the program this year!

The philosophy at the Bulldog is that witnesses and attorneys earn mock trial points through a combination of bold, dynamic presentation and clear, cohesive case theory.  Teams learn how to put on an effective case in trial.  In addition, there is a focus on topics such as thinking on your feet in trial, incorporating through-lines, creating unforgettable moments, and delivering powerful statements.  Yale mock trial members sit down with students and offer them one-on-one feedback to help them improve their presentation. They also run intensive skills building exercises that allow attendees to learn new strategies and techniques throughout the weekend.

Valley has three mock trial teams this year that will utilize this Yale experience to compete in December at the Middletown Superior Court in the Civics First Mock Trial State tournament.