How do I make an appointment to see my school counselor?
To schedule an appointment, visit the School Counseling web page and click on "appointment request". You can write the purpose of your meeting if you choose. Your counselor will get back to you with a day and time to meet.

How do parents make an appointment to see a student's counselor?
School counselors welcome ongoing contact with parents and advise scheduling appointments in advance to address any issues or concerns. Please contact counseling administrative assistant Ms. Etes at  860-526-5328, x2557 to schedule an appointment or contact your student's counselor by email.

What should I do if I need help in a class?
The first thing you should do is speak with the classroom teacher to arrange for extra help, to discuss any missing assignments, or to ask for clarification on the material you do not understand. In addition, each subject area teacher has office hours and flex help hours during flex to help students. 

I would like to receive free or reduced lunch. How do I do this?
See Ms. Etes in the school counseling office for a form to fill out and return to the main office. You will be notified if you qualify.

I would like to volunteer in the community and possibly earn credit.
You can volunteer wherever you would like. Please see Ms. Hambor, school to career coordinator to obtain information.

 Who do I see if I want to get work study credit?
See Ms. Hambor, our School-to-Career coordinator in room 408 or take note of her link on the Valley website for further information regarding career internships, job shadowing and work opportunities. She can also be reached via email at mhambor@reg4.k12.ct.us .

How do I get working papers?
Please see Mrs. King in the main office. You must bring a letter of intent to hire from your prospective employer stating how many hours per week you will be employed. You must also bring your birth certificate to verify your age.

I've lost my ID and password for Power School. Who do I get this information from?
Any secretary in the main office or School Counseling Department can obtain this information for you. If you have an ID or password that does not work or is not allowing you access to the website, please contact Mrs. Pam Murphy (pmurphy@reg4.k12.ct.us) for assistance.

My student is sick. What is the procedure for getting missed homework/assignments?
Please contact Mrs. Stoddard in the main office to let her know of your student's absence. Most teachers post all assignments on google classroom, so students should check there first, and then contact their specific teacher by email if they need further information. If a student is going to be out for an extended period of time due to illness, please contact your student's school counselor to discuss necessary plans.

I didn't receive a report card at home. Whom should I contact?
Please contact Mrs. Downie in the Associate Principal's office at extension 2553.

I have an insurance form for a good student discount. Who signs off on this?
You should bring the form to the School Counseling Department and leave it with Ms. Etes. She will forward it to your counselor and return it to you once the information is verified. 

I want to participate in NCAA Division I or II athletics while in college. What do I have to do in order to be eligible?
You will need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly called the Clearinghouse). Go online at: www.eligibilitycenter.org . If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Duffy in the school counseling department. You should be taking college prep classes in all core subject areas to ensure that you will be academically eligible at the college level.

Who should take SAT's or ACT's? How do I sign up?
Most four year colleges require the SAT I or ACT scores for admission. Some may also require SAT II subject tests. Students should check specific college websites for this information. Most students should take their standardized testing starting in the spring of their junior year. Some students may start taking them earlier depending on their college plan. Please discuss this timeline with your counselor.

In order to sign up, you should click on the SAT or ACT link on our website. Our school code is 070150. The SAT website is www.collegeboard.com and the ACT website is www.actstudent.org.

When are the PSAT's offered?
PSAT's ( a practice SAT) are offered at VRHS in October of each year. They are given only once a year, and are now offered during the school day. You will be signed up automatically. Depending on the scores they achieve, juniors who take the PSAT are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship program.

How do I get information about financial aid for college?
Any student applying for financial aid must register for a pin number at www.pin.ed.gov and have parents/guardians fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form which can be accessed at www.fafsa.ed.gov. The FAFSA may be completed starting at the beginning in October during the student's senior year. 

For parents of seniors, the School Counseling Department offers a seminar on financial aid in the Fall,  in the VRHS Auditorium. Check the yearly school calendar for date and time.

Males 18 years of age must register with the selective service to be eligible for federal financial aid.

How do I apply for scholarships?
The School Counseling Department keeps a running list of known scholarships in our office. These scholarship lists are updated weekly on Naviance on the bottom of the colleges section. Two other good websites are www.finaid.org and www.fastweb.com.

Do not overlook any of these great resources.
Any local scholarships will be posted on Naviance once they become available. Make sure to check criteria and deadlines. 

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