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Valley Regional High School has identified the following 21st century learning expectations for all students:

Academic Competencies
Students will think critically and creatively in order to:

  • Solve problems
  • Interpret text in various forms
  • Communicate effectively
  • Effectively access, evaluate and use information
  • Design products to effectively showcase learning outcomes in a 21st century learning environment

Civic Competencies
Students will contribute to their local and global communities by:

  • Exercising the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
  • Interacting and engaging effectively in a global world
  • Understanding local and global implications of civic decisions

Social Competencies
Students will become productive members of society by:

  • Demonstrating personal and academic responsibility and accountability
  • Collaborating effectively in diverse teams while respecting and valuing cultural differences
  • Acting with respect and integrity as members of a community while understanding societal norms and values
  • Learning how to adapt to change and be flexible while managing goals and timeApply a fundamental understanding of ethical issues when using digital technologies for communication and networking