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Dr. Donna Marie Peano
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The Academic competencies we are evaluating in the Biology curriculum are in alignment with the 21st Century Learning Expectations. Students will
think critically and creatively in order to:
* Solve problems
*Interpret text in various forms
*Communicate effectively
*Effectively access, evaluate and use information
*Design products to effectively showcase learning outcomes in a 21st century learning environment

The science lab is a beautiful showcase for 21st century learning. Science inquiry encourages critical thinking and allows for students to
progress at an individual pace, while engaging in a relevant and rigorous curriculum.

Civic and Social competencies are also addressed in the Biology classroom. Students will learn how to become productive members of society by:

*Demonstrating personal and academic responsibility and accountability
*Collaborating effectively in diverse teams while respecting and valuing cultural differences
*Acting with respect and integrity as members of a classroom while understanding societal norms and values
*Learning how to adapt to change and be flexible while managing goals and time
*Apply a fundamental understanding of ethical issues when using digital technologies for communication and networking

Communication about your child’s progress is ongoing. Please periodically check “comments” in power school for updates. Occasionally
students may have you sign an assignment that highlights their progress. If you have any questions regarding
rubrics and evaluation guidelines regarding 21st century learning, or wish to discuss
your child’s progress, I can be reached at DPeano@reg4.k12.ct.us.