D Perreault

Mr. Perreault

Social Studies
American Studies
Western Civilization (UConn ECE)
America in the 20th Century
Local History

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Valley Regional High School expects all students to master 21st Century Learning Expectations.  These are intended to prepare all students to assume a meaningful, responsible, and productive role in society.   To achieve these my classes will focus on the following:  

  • Interpret text in various forms.

  • Effectively access, evaluate, and use information.

  • Demonstrate personal and academic responsibility and accountability.

  • Applying a fundamental understanding of ethical issues when using digital technologies for communication and networking.
Throughout the semester a number of assignments will focus on assessing these expectations.  When these are assigned the specific expectation will be designated on the assignment.  My goal is to help prepare your child to master 21st Century Learning Expectations.

Should you have any questions about 21st Century Learning expectations please feel free to e-mail me at dperreault@reg4.k12.ct.us